Mumin Shakirov was born on 29 March 1959 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.


In 1990 he graduated from the VGIK (All-Union (now Russian) State Institute of Cinematography). In 1992 he shot his first feature length film "All is Quiet in Bagdad" at the Iris-Film Studio (Tashkent) starring Svetlana Kryuchkova, Semyon Farada, Semyon Furman and Spartak Mishulin.


From 1994 to 1997 he worked at the "Literary Gazette" and covered civil conflicts on hot spots, such as Tajikistan , Chechnya, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. He authored several books, including "Drug trafficking in Russia" and "A million for women". In 2004, together with the Polish journalist Zigmund Dzieciolowski he made a documentary "Contest" (about a beauty pageant at a Russian woman's prison).In 2008 he made a documentary "Hollywood, Russian Path" in California about the Russian actors who attempted to conquer Tinseltown.


From 1998 to 2012, he has been with Radio Liberty as Special Correspondent and wrote and directed several documentary mini-series, including "Eastern Express", "Hot Spots of the Former Empire", and "Is it Easy to be a Russian in the Neighbouring Countries and the Baltics."

Slava filmed the TV series "Cobra" (second cameraman), "School" (Belarus) (director of photography), as well as several films about the Chukotka expedition.

His latest film "The Tundra Book" - received many awards at festivals, including - "Nika - 2011" as best non-fiction film.

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Ahmad Bakaev (born in 1958) - wrote the music for films and documentaries filmed in Central Asia, Russia and Poland.

Ahmad started taking piano classes at the age of six and already had a perfect pitch as a child.

In 1981 he entered the State Art Institute named after M. Tursunzoda. In 1991 he moved to Moscow with his family, where he studied and completed courses in directing at the University. He composed music for the film "Kosh ba kosh" (directed by B. Khudoinazarov ).

From 1996 to 1999 he played keyboards for Tatiana Ovsiyenko's band. In 2000 Ahmad moved to Wroclaw (Poland), where he began working with the Production Group ATM Grupa to write music for the Polish TV series "Criminal Bureau" (pos. Biuro Kryminalne), "Crime Wave" (pos. Fala zbrodni), and also a reality show "Amazon" (Amazonky), "Two Worlds" ( pos. Dwa światy), "Gladiators" (pos. Gladiatory). Ahmad also collaborates with director Larisa Sadilovoj and wrote music for the films "Son" and "Nanny".

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