November 6 , our picture of the " Holocaust - is that wallpaper paste? " Got to Budapest, where the European premiere of the film. This happened on the international human rights film festival Verzio. There were three shows : Cinema Toldy, Illusion and Cirko. After views held discussion and debate . In Hungary, are well aware of the Holocaust. according to statistics, approximately 800,000 Jews living in its territory by 1941 , only about 200,000 survived the Holocaust , according to other data of 803-850 thousands killed about 565,000 . Besides the fact that the Jews perished in the ghetto here during the Second world War people echelons sent to Auschwitz. Today's young generation in Hungary Holocaust knows much more than their peers in Russia . yet , judging by the dialogue with the audience interest in their own history and to the tragic past generally falls in their country. course, viewers are interested foremost my heroines Xenia and Eugene Karatygin . Where they learn , what they dream , and how their fate after participation in the project "The Holocaust - is that wallpaper paste?"

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