PHOTO WITH FILM FESTIVAL "Sputnik over Poland"

From 07 to 17 November in Warsaw, the annual film festival "Sputnik over Poland", which was shown three times our picture of "Holocaust - is that wallpaper paste? ". One of the views held in the Jewish Theatre of Ida Kaminska . It was organized by my friend, the Polish journalist Zygmunt Dzencholovski . In a small room a few dozen people gathered , grandparents, whose family members were killed in concentration camps. They themselves as children , survived miraculously , they are called "Children of the Holocaust". Ten years ago today my audience participated in the famous documentary project Steven Spielberg's "Breaking the Silence", which talked about their experiences . After a session of the audience left , we had a long talk, they loved my heroine , Xenia and Eugene Karatygin , which I took on a trip to Auschwitz. Surprise to them boiling steel frames contemporary Moscow life , they still keep in mind the image of the capital of 60 - 70 s. Someone came to the show asked , and I could make a film about the Gulag if pierced girl on MUZ TV game show with this word ? Could .

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